We encourage you to please arrive by 8:55 a.m. out of respect for our speakers. If it is your first time at Job Seekers Network, please arrive at 8:40AM. 



January 27 – “Knowing Yourself Leads to Planning An Effective Career Move” by Recruiter Dan Medlin. Global Talent Acquisition Partner and Author of the Star Career Workbook. He’ll be introducing his latest edition that day.


Design & Focus Workshop Begins!


February 3 –  “Casey’s Back to Bat” by Scott Carley, Change Energizer, Motivational Speaker, Certified Networking Professional, and Business Productivity Coach. Casey’s Back to Bat is based on the 125 year reading from Earnest Thayer in 1888 of Casey at the Bat. As you might remember, the Mighty Casey was the hope of the Mudville Nine to save their game. But after much ado in the batter’s box… Casey struck out! This presentation is filled with real-life examples of people who didn’t give up… but swung again and again until they got the home run they needed.


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