We encourage you to please arrive by 8:55 am, out of respect for our speakers. 

Feb. 18 – Crafting Cover Letters Worth Reading + Other Job Search Communication Tips by Angela Loeb Former Recruiter  & Current Career Consultant & Owner of InSync Resources.

You’ve developed a great resume and your LinkedIn profile is looking good, so what else do you need? A cover letter? What about networking emails and post-interview thank you notes? Angela will talk about these and other communication tools and correspondence that you may use during your career transition.

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Feb. 25 – Speaker TBD

Living the Called Life Workshop Begins! 

March 4 Success for the Seasoned Search…The Benefit of Being Overqualified by Abby Kohut, Absolutely Abby, a national touring career expert, author, recruiter, and JSN favorite.

Many seasoned job seekers find themselves being called overqualified because they have more years of experience than the job description calls for. Learn powerful strategies to overcome your interviewer’s misconceptions about you. It’s impossible to BE overqualified unless YOU believe you ARE overqualified. In this presentation, you will learn:

  • How to answer the overqualified question
  • The REAL reason why recruiters AND hiring managers are concerned about hiring overqualified applicants
  • How to change your cover letter and resume if you believe you are overqualified
  • Seven ways to explain on an interview why being overqualified is an advantage
  • How to handle the “age factor” and being over age 36

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