Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in helping Job Seekers Network with our JSN Ambassadors Program! Through the Ambassadors program we can:
• help reconnect the unemployed with Austin companies and organizations.
• make a tangible impact and help someone in your local community get BACK TO WORK!
• connect with area churches to help even more job seekers in the Austin area!

We’re looking for multiple representatives from each organization and church in Austin to be an AMBASSADOR for our job seekers.

Choose your level of involvement:

Level 1 – Post job leads (when openings occur or once/month) to JSN’s LinkedIn group, “Austin Job Seekers Network”.  Directions on how to post job leads can be found here. It is very easy. Donate as you can.

Level 2 – Builds on Level 1 (job leads and donations as you can.)
Adds: Sharing your expertise and advice on your field, industry or company with job seekers in short one-on-one conversations.
• We add your name and information to a listing of alumni for these informative conversations.
• You can self limit how many you take at any given time.
• A job seeker must attend a minimum of one of our training programs or 5 weekly meetings before they can have access to this listing.

Level 3 – Builds on Level 2 (job leads, donation as you can, informational interviews)
Adds: Connecting your employer to take a more active role with JSN. This could include:
• more actively recruiting our job seekers by coming on Monday morning as part of our sponsorship program
• exploring other programs your employer provides like matching funds for charitable giving, grants, etc.
• investigating corporate donations or advertising sponsorship.

We’re also looking for CHURCH AMBASSADORS.

Church Ambassadors:
• get JSN events on the church calendar
• tell church staff about us for referrals
• send church members who need our help to JSN
• help us build a deeper partnership between the church and JSN.

Thank you again for your continuing support of Job Seekers Network.