I Have A Job Lead!

We’d love to help you fill your openings! We have over 10,000 current and former job seekers as members of our LinkedIn group who bring experience from a variety of industries and backgrounds.  There are different levels of sharing your job leads:

  • Free on our “Austin Job Seekers Network” LinkedIn group (see instructions below).
  • Referral or finders fee to support the JSN nonprofit to announce your job leads or have us announce your job leads at our Monday morning meetings.  You will have time to talk to the current job seekers as part of the meeting.  Email craigfoster@job-seekers-network.org to schedule a time.
  • Sponsorship  and partnership with JSN to a greater level.  Email craigfoster@job-seekers-network.org for more information.

Free Submission Guidelines to our LinkedIn Group

1. Set up a LinkedIn Account or locate someone who has an account and use theirs. (If you are in the business world or a professional, you will want an your own online profile.)
2. Join “Austin Job Seekers Network” LinkedIn Group. If you aren’t a member already, your membership will have to be approved when you join. In most cases you will be automatically approved as a member unless you are new to LinkedIn.
3. Go to the “Discussions” tab
4. In the “Start a conversation with your group” box (by your photo), cut and paste or type the text of your job lead. You are limited to 200 characters for the list. Make sure you indicate the job is located in Austin or the surrounding area.
5. Add more details to the “Add some details…” box below that.  Make sure you include instructions on how to apply and the contact information in your listing!
6. Just keep the “Post a conversation” box checked. Do not click the “Share a job” option.
7. Click on the “Post” button.
8. You are done.  It’s important in the job title header that the position is in Austin to get it approved.

As a last resort you can use the form below and we’ll get it posted just as soon as we can.

Full-time, part-time, and contract opportunities may all be posted.

Job Seekers: Please make sure you have the recruiter’s or employer’s permission to share a job lead prior to posting.

If you do not wish to receive recognition for sharing a lead, type Anonymous in the name field.