Info Interview with a Job Seeker

Informational interviews are helpful to job seekers for both networking and for helping make well-informed career decisions.  If you would be willing to meet with a job seeker to share your insights, experiences and advice on your industry, career area or employer, then please fill out the form below.

Some general guidelines we promote for informational interviews:

  • Initial contact will be via e-mail. Once a contact is made both parties can determine if they will meet in person or over the phone. Each party is responsible for sharing additional contact information.
  • The general expectation for informational interviews is spending a minimum of a half hour together regardless of venue. The person granting the interview may choose to spend more time or agree to additional meetings, but it is not the expectation.
  • Discussion points might include your background and job progression, advice on seeking employment in your field, emerging trends in the field, and professional organizations or other networking groups you would recommend.
  • The job seekers are expected to be well prepared for the conversation, including having done research on the career area, industry and organization. They should be utilizing these conversations for gaining inside insights not readily available through research.
  • The job seekers must understand this is not an employment interview, so please don’t ask for a job.
  • These conversations should also not be for selling products or services or for fundraising purposes.
  • Informational interviews work because the “pay it forward” concept is present. Job seekers should look forward to the opportunity to offer informational interviews when they are employed.