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Can you relate to being unemployed or underemployed?  Have you, a family member or friend been impacted by the economic downturn?  Here’s one representative story (more below) of who you can help :

Before Susan came to Job Seekers Network: Susan couldn’t sleep at night.  She was out of work for nine months, had gone through a difficult divorce and was left with two kids to support.  The job search techniques she learned in college weren’t working.  She wasn’t even sure if she wanted to go back to the same unfulfilling career and she started to ask, “Why me, God?”.

Result:  You’ll be glad to hear that Susan is excited about her new job that is a better fit for her personality and skills using a great resume she developed at Job Seekers Network and is happily providing for her family.  She’s reconnected with God and is growing spiritually thanks to the spiritual support she got at the Monday morning meetings.


When you invest in Job Seekers Network your return is knowing that job seekers are getting the help and hope they need to stay in their job search until they get a job.  Here are a few things that impact job seekers:

  • Job seekers on average are out of work longer.
  • Job seekers’ families are struggling financially, emotionally and spiritually.  JSN helps with all three!
  • Unemployment can either negatively or positively impact their emotions, marriages, relationships, faith, health, outlook on life, career and confidence.  JSN is there there to see that they look back and say “my unemployment was the best thing that happened to me”. 
  • Our programs help people be more prepared and effective in their job search.
  • Through JSN they find jobs, encouragement, and hope.

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While we have changed the names, these situations are representative of job seekers JSN has helped in the past and the variety of situations our Job Seekers encounter. Here are some stories of typical job seekers:

Meet Judy:

She’s been out of work for a year and a half and has gone through a difficult divorce. She’s tried to do everything she’s supposed to do, but no offers have come through. She is tired and having a hard time staying engaged with the job search. JSN is there to help Judy find hope and encouragement every Monday morning. In addition to helping her keep her job skills and tactics fresh, Judy is able to start the week on a positive note with encouragement, hope and renewed energy for the upcoming week of job search activities. Without these Monday morning meetings, Judy would be more likely to pull the covers over her head and avoid more rejection. She was also not aware that the church had other programs to help her. Through Divorce Care at HCBC  both Judy and her two young children have found a church home and are getting their spiritual needs met.

Meet Dan:

Dan has weathered several lay-offs at his former employer before, but this time, his job was eliminated. He’s been in the same career for the last 19 years and made steady progress in it, but he couldn’t really say he loved his job or that is was a good fit for him. Now that he has this break, he’s thinking he should look at some different options, but he has no idea how to start. JSN’s Career Direction programs provide Dan with the opportunity to take some career related assessments to see what other opportunities might be a better fit with his personality, interests and gifting. He recognizes that making a career transition can mean a harder sell to employers, but he is willing to go for it and pursue something that he’s excited to do. Dan has informational interviews lined up with several alumni of JSN to better help him understand the new careers he’s considering.  In the past Dan has kept his faith and his work as two separate pieces of his life. Through the devotionals and other sharing at Job Seekers Network, Dan has a clearer understanding that his relationship with God impacts all parts of his life, and that his work life and his spiritual life are intertwined. He wants to learn more about growing deeper in his faith.

Meet Maria:

Things were going great in Maria’s career until the economy took a nose dive and her company took a beating. She lost her job in the latest series of layoffs. She loved what she was doing, but is feeling rejected and depressed about her job loss. It is also impacting her marriage and she is very worried about making ends meet. She needs to do everything she can to get back to work as soon as possible and invest in her marriage; she feels like she is hanging by a thread. At Job Seekers Network Maria gains the job seeking skills she needs to be excellent in her job search tactics. And Maria chooses to participate in a special program where she has added accountability to aggressively make new contacts and network effectively. Maria is excited to attend next week’s Monday morning Job Seekers Network meeting where this week she gets to be the one to bring donuts and announce that she has accepted a new position and will be starting in two weeks. Prior to her job loss, Maria and her husband had been so focused on their careers they let all spiritual practices from their youth slide. At JSN Maria is prayed for and learns spiritual truths to help her in her marriage. Most importantly, she comes to understand that she always focused on religious practices in the past and didn’t understand about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Her life is eternally changed.

Meet Edwin:

Edwin had the chance to take an early retirement package, but there is no way he’s ready to retire to the world of golf courses and early dinners. He still has much to offer and wants to find ways to give back to his community. His 30 year career was fulfilling and provided for his family, but it never really excited him and he really merely endured the last 10 years. Now he has an opportunity to make a change and make a difference. Through Job Seekers Network Edwin learns about Jobs, Careers, & a Calling, and he seeks to make the latter part of his life matter to those he can influence. He takes stock of what he has to offer. Edwin chooses to volunteer with Job Seekers Network to help current Job Seekers, but he also used his job searching skills to secure a contract position with a new start up where his past expertise is valued and he is shaping the future of a new organization.

Meet Kim:

Kim has had the opportunity to stay at home and raise her children for the past twelve years. Now that her children are more independent and will soon be entering college, Kim needs to earn some income, and she’s also ready to have a career for herself. She has a degree, but doesn’t have much professional experience and is pretty sure she doesn’t want to pursue anything in her degree area anyway. Through several Job Seekers Network programs Kim can gain some career direction to better assess her gifting, skills and personality preferences; she can also learn about researching careers to make well-informed decisions. Once she’s gained some focus, Job Seekers also can help Kim prepare a professional resume, a LinkedIn profile and learn how to market herself, which are all new skills for her.

Meet Jack:

Jack has been unemployed for longer than her cares to admit. The economic reports seem to echo his current emotional state: people are giving up on the job search. His self-esteem has taken a beating as have his savings and retirement plan he worked for all those years. He is running out of funds, energy and hope. He has some added distractions in his life with a daughter in rebellion, a personal financial crisis and an angry and worried spouse. He really has to focus on these immediate issues before he can think about an effective job search.  Through the ministry of Job Seekers Network, Jack learns about other resources for helping his family; and he continues to attend the Monday morning meetings for encouragement, fellowship and spiritual growth.  As he grows more optimistic and is better able to cope with the emotional issues of his life situation, Jack gains momentum to get his job search going again using the resources at JSN.

Meet Nathan:

Nathan graduated from college last May. He participated in some of the on-campus career activities, but companies have dramatically cut back their recruiting at his school. He tried to look for a job long-distance while wrapping up school, but really felt the need to be in Austin for the job search. He is living at home and is disappointed that he’s not moving on with his life.  He feels like he’s reverted back to his high school days.  Job Seekers is a professional environment that helps Nathan get all his job searching tools in order and provides networking opportunities and accountability for Nathan to keep on target each week. Through Job Seekers Network he is interacting with experienced professionals in a variety of industries who are eager to mentor him in his job search and spiritual journey. He is learning more about the world of work and is becoming increasingly confident in presenting himself professionally and maturely. After making a networking connection on a Monday morning, Nathan pursued several job leads and is now evaluating great offers in his field.

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Job Seekers Network helps connect our job seekers with many great programs, including Divorce Care, Grief Share, and Celebrate Recovery.