I Want More Out Of Life

How do you define the “more” that you seek out of life? While a new job is the first priority of the moment, what happens when you land it? Will you FINALLY be satisfied? As you look at the many facets of your life, what are you seeking and what will give you fulfillment?

At Job Seekers Network we acknowledge that every person’s purpose is to glorify God, but we also believe that we each have a unique and distinct calling on our lives. Our calling is comprised of how we are wired, the different roles we are given to play in all facets of our life, including our work, and how God specifically wants us to glorify Him in our lives. We each have the unique thumbprint of God upon us and He has designed specific work for us that only we can do.

While we are in the job search process, we will be appropriately focused on getting that next job, but it is our hope at Job Seekers Network, that you take this opportunity to consider where God is calling you- in your career, but also in the bigger context of your life!

We want to move job seekers from seeking a job to seeking a higher meaning and purpose – their calling!

In the United States, only 32% of workers say they use their strengths every day, according to 2007 Gallup® research.  45% of workers said they view their job only as a job and not as a career or a calling according to one survey.

A Job is the work or tasks you do on a daily basis to earn a living. As you change positions and employers, your job changes.

A Career has its roots in the concept of running along a specified path or course; therefore, we commonly use it as the term for the series of jobs we have along a certain professional path, typically on an upward projection.

The concept of Calling is actually larger than your career. When we look at the definition and its Latin and Greek roots, we see the concept of divine influence and our purpose or destiny in the world as spouses, parents, and community citizens, in addition to our vocation or profession. It more clearly encompasses your “Life Work.”

We firmly believe that people who are pursuing work that is in alignment with how they are wired and their life goals will be more fulfilled and better able to adapt to changes in the work environment.  For people of faith, it’s not only the work but the way a person does their work with integrity, honesty and ethics that glorifies God and is in alignment with His purposes.