I’m Unclear

I’m Unclear About My Career Direction

Being unclear about your next career step is very common.  In fact, about 50% of the job seekers we see have some level of being unclear.  There are, however, many different reasons why you might be unclear.  You might have worked for a bad boss or worked in an environment that did not fit you.  So the answer might not be changing careers but on finding a better fit for your personality and style.  Or you could have been doing a similar job for many years and there are no new challenges.  But many of you are yearning for greater satisfaction in life and want to move from a focus on being “successful” to a focus on making a difference or being significant.

Gaining career direction is vital to a focused and effective job search.  If you are thinking of making a career change or if you simply just want to stop and take stock of your strengths and gifting, we offer several options for you. If you’d like a self-directed approach, we have a handout with recommended resources. Many people benefit from a small group setting and we often offer one of the programs described below.

Deeper Training

“Design and Focus”  is a four week course offered about once a quarter with a goal to help you assess your Design so you can determine your new Focus.  This is an interactive program where we help you explore how you are designed through a variety of assessments and exercises, learn how to explore new career options and set career goals toward a new focus.  There is homework and you need internet access during the week to complete it.