How I Found My Niche and How I Interview For Fit

September 29, 2014

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Business owner and entrepreneur, John Garrett, is making his own impact on local Texas communities by not only bringing relevant news to the areas he serves, but by also providing careers in a positive work environment.

Taking what seemed like a crazy idea and developing it into a growing, sustainable business, Garrett, Publisher and CEO of Community Impact Newspaper, and a member of the Hill Country Bible Church, spoke there Monday to the Austin Job Seekers Network, and shared with everyone, “I was scared, but God pushed me.”

Garrett said, “I truly believe that God uses the weak to lead the strong.”

As the technology world began pushing everyone toward online news, Garrett branched out and created a brand of paper that is printed and mailed to residents in certain suburban areas in Austin, Houston and Dallas. By selling ads, he’s able to provide a quality product each week, free of charge.

What started out of his house in 2005 with 60,000 copies, is now the largest distributed newspaper in the state with a circulation of over 1 million. Garrett leads with passion and conviction, and says that his faith is a very important part of who they are as a company. The paper has five stones in which it built the foundation and delivers on each week. Garrett stated that “Faith, Passion, Quality, Innovation and Integrity” are what helps them deliver their mission “to build communities of informed citizens and thriving businesses through the collaboration of a passionate team.”

And building the right team is of the utmost importance for success. Even at their rapidly-growing pace, his company still focuses on finding people who are liars and no, not the type whose nose grows each time they speak, but rather the acronym L-I-A-R. When they interview candidates, they look for four qualities: 1) Likeable 2) Intelligent 3) Achievement-oriented and 4) Responsible.

Garrett truly believes that “birds of a feather flock together” and emphasized how important it is to find the right culture that suits your personality and work style. To be effective, he has to trust his team and vice versa. One way he shows employees how they can make an impact is by sharing financials and offering a profit-sharing plan.

As their company tagline reads, “local, useful and everyone gets it” when you have a passionate group that wants to win, you can deliver on that message every day.

For more information on the paper and career openings, visit their website at

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