Speaker Summary for 1/19: Absolutely Abby

January 13, 2015

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Ever wonder what recruiters are not telling you?

After two decades of recruiting people in all positions from entry level to C-suite, Abby Kohut, now travels the country telling jobseekers the “Absolute truth” about your job search. Her goal is to reach 1 million jobseekers and so far has been to 33 states sharing her “secrets.”

Abby shared her insights on how recruiters work, saying they rely heavily on referrals and there are many reasons why a recruiter doesn’t “post” a job. Sometimes recruiters want to avoid the cost of advertising and the deluge of resumes. They don’t want to tip off the competition and in some cases the position opening is confidential.

But available jobs are not really hidden, they’re just hidden from you.

There are many people in an organization aware of job openings such as the hiring manager, the director, the VP, leadership team, department members, HR manager and the recruiter. When looking to fill a job, they consider present and past employees, they take employee recommendations, and also look at applicant tracking software, Monster.com and LinkedIn.

Abby suggests there are many ways to unhide the job market:

  • Allow for Serendipity

You have to always be “on” as you are always interviewing, even at the hair salon or carwash.

Find people to talk to and tell them you’re out of work. Look to your church, alumni, gym, friends, former coworkers and neighbors

  • Solve problems for companies

If you see something wrong at a company and you can help them, write them a letter and tell them how you can solve their problem.

  • Deliver a presentation

Get in front of a professional association like the Chamber of Commerce or an alumni event and present on what you’re really good at and how you can help companies dramatically.

  • Take and teach classes

Expanding your network through classmates, while learning something new. If you’re teaching, you will be considered a subject matter expert. This can also help cover a gap in your resume.

  • Hobbies – Meet-ups

Don’t hide from your “interests” on your resume. You don’t know what will get people’s attention. Join Meetups with common interests. People want to work with people they like.

  • Stay in touch via Linked In

Reach out on Linked In when someone has a birthday, or got a new job, or posts a blog.

  • Video testimonials

Ask friends and formers colleagues to allow you to interview them about what it’s like to work with you.

  • Hobnob with C-suite

Join professional associations and attend paid seminars and events. Volunteer at a charity, and consider buying stock so you’re invited to the shareholders meeting. Just a few ways to meet high-level managers in an organization.

  • Share potential jobs with others

Even if what the recruiter presents you with is not of interest to you, it may be to someone else. Don’t “keep” those openings a secret. Share with your network.

Author of 2 books, including “Top 12 Interview Questions Exposed” and “101 Job Search Secrets,” Abby Kohut has been rated as one of the top 100 influential people online by Fast Company Magazine. Her website www.AbsolutelyAbby.com was selected as one of the “Top 100 websites for Your Career” by Forbes. You can find more information there about her teleseminars and books for sale.

Since 2010, Abby has been on a mission to help one million job seekers and is currently driving around the USA on a nationwide tour to accomplish that goal which you can learn more about at www.AbbyAcrossAmerica.com. 

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