Speaker Summary: “Life, it’s Just One Big Networking Event” by TJ Johnson on 8/24!

August 19, 2015

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Why is networking important!
70% of jobs are now found through networking
Up to 80% of jobs are not listed or advertised.

Why do we really network? We want something
What is wrong with this approach? Fear Anxiety Disappointment

Myth 1
Networking is all about me.

Myth 2
I need to make sure the other person knows everything about me as fast as possible in case I don’t get another chance.

Myth 3
Everyone cares what I have to say Everyone wants to hear my opinion
I am the best in the field so everyone wants to hear from me
I have the most experience so I am the most qualified for the job

What is the purpose of networking?
Be thought of as likeable.
Meet someone you can contact later on a favorable basis.
Make yourself referable.
Create a situation where you will be invited to speak.

Myth 4
● You need to be an extrovert to network well ● I’m just not that kind of person
● I don’t like “selling” myself
● I don’t want to act fake

What is “acting like a salesperson?”
Attempting to manipulate people into buying something that they may not want.

Myth 5
This should be easy
I should be really good at this right away
I am going to get up everyday ready and excited to network
Networking from now on will be comfortable and natural

Network with a purpose
● Network everyday, everywhere, stop limiting
● Elevator pitch (information vs. interest)
● Who gets referred? (likeable, not liked)
● Today is the day.
● Opportunity exists everywhere.

Whether you are looking for a job, seeking investors, selling your product, or organizing your child’s birthday, networking is an invaluable tool. Networking is important not only for immediate future, but for long term success too. So why don’t we do it? As children we networked everyday without reservation. What changed? “Life, it’s just one big networking event” is about creating a paradigm shift in the way you think about networking. It will help you create an internal system that will allow you to network everyday virtually anywhere without thinking about it.

Thomas “TJ” Johnson

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