Polish, Presence, and P.O.W.E.R. in Networking and Interviewing by Teri Hill, 09

November 21, 2012

in Interviewing, Networking, Upcoming Events

Ever wonder why some people who are between jobs or careers seem to land a new position faster than others?   What are the subtle but powerful elements of HOW we present ourselves that make the difference between being the RIGHT candidate for the job and simply being a qualified candidate?

Join us on December 3rd as Teri takes us through her P.O.W.E.R. model designed to assist you in becoming a more attractive and viable candidate for your next position.   Teri has hired and placed dozens of people in her over 20 years experience in corporate America.  Teri is called upon to coach job seekers in all stages of their career from first time job seekers to seasoned mangers interviewing for executive positions.  She frequently coaches small to mid size business owners in hiring for growth using a variety of interviewing and selection methods to ensure ideal fit.


Teri Hill, M.Ed. has been speaking, consulting, and coaching for over 20 years.    She has led in the facilitation of global executive education for Fortune 50 companies, trained and coached federal leaders, elected officials, and small to mid size business owners.

Teri’s passion is balanced between speaking to educate and inspire, coaching to fast track leadership development, and consulting to facilitate the profitable growth of small to mid size business, the backbone of America.

Teri is a Trusted Advisor and Expert Speaker for Vistage, the world’s leading Chief Executive Association; she is also on the Austin board of directors for National Speakers Association and former board member for Society of Human Resource Management/Williamson County, former President American Society of Training & Development.

She has a BA in Psychology and Master in Organizational Development & Leadership. Her practical and inspiring approach to helping you lead, manage and drive results will yield massive return to you personally and professionally.

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