Jan. 12 Speaker: Angela Loeb on The 3 Elements That Can Seriously Mess Up Your Job Search

January 5, 2015

in Job Search, Life Skills

Career coach, author and consultant Angela Loeb points out 3 things that can have a major impact on your job search.
1) Planning and time management
2) Personal Brand
3) Attitude
Many tend to focus on fixing their messy resume, preparing for interviews and strengthening their network skills, but three core items once established and implemented, will positively affect all the other aspects of the job search.
When you find yourself unemployed, you lack routine and become somewhat isolated.
“Build structure back in,” suggests Loeb. “But don’t spend all of your time job searching either.”
Make sure to take care of yourself during this time by exercising and having some fun. It’s important to manage stress levels, since they are elevated during unemployment.
Blocking time and planning ahead can help with job search as well as personal activities.

There are two types of time – non-prime and prime. She suggests working on resume and online job post searching during “non-prime” times. The prime time of 10am-3pm is when you’re networking, meeting people for information interviews, going after target companies and using your social network to make connections.
Stay focused and motivated and ask yourself this question while doing job search activities, “Is what I’m doing now getting me closer to my goal?”
Understanding what is authentic and unique about yourself, and conveying that in an elevator pitch, a resume and an interview is what’s considered your “Personal Brand.” How do YOU provide value? How do YOU make a difference? You have to ask yourself what you do well and what it is that you want. A potential employer may ask you, “Why should I hire you?” Knowing the answer and having a succinct and simple reply makes it that much easier. Loeb calls it the UPV formula, a Unique Promise of Value, where talent plus passion plus value comes together. So what is the one thing you would do for free? And how do you make an impact? She challenges us to test our brand by asking others like family, friends and former colleagues to assess us on our strengths and skills and describe our personality. This can help you develop some common words to use in your elevator pitch and value statements.
The third and most important item that can impact your job search is your attitude.
Loeb talked about brain science and how using a statement such as “Act as if” can help re-program your brain to think differently. She talked about rephrasing and how the words we use will impact not only our own attitude, but the confidence that is perceived by others. Attitude comes in many forms. It’s not just what you say, but how you say it. The unspoken messages like your body language and tone of voice impact the message.
“You have to stay positive and inspired,” Loeb said. Find something that makes you happy like music or a pet, etc. She suggested using journaling and making sure you have an accountability partner as two ways to cope and stay on track during the job search.
Angela Loeb’s website www.InSycnResources.com has more information about her classes as well as some free resources for job seekers. She also recommends Dr. Joe Dispenza’s TED Talk on Brain Science.

About The Speaker

Angela Loëb is known internationally for her work in the area of professional and personal development. She’s authored three books and hundreds of articles about life purpose, mind mastery, goal achieving, spirituality and career. She offers programs through her firm, as well as through other collaborative ventures, and is an instructor at the Professional Development Center at the University of Texas. Angela also enjoys volunteering for several organizations, including RAD Systems as a certified women’s self-defense instructor. More at http://angelaloeb.com


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