Speaker Summary: “Job, Career, Calling” by Becky Terry on Monday, 2/23!

February 17, 2015

in Career Direction, Job Search, Life Skills

Job Seekers Network’s own Becky Terry breaks down what it means to have a calling, versus a career or just a job.

She quoted John Maxwell, stating, “The work I do is a calling on my life.” And Tony Evans says, “A calling is God’s directed purpose in your life.”

Terry stated that a calling is a divine purpose, your voice and vocation – the inner impulse toward a particular course of action. A calling is eternity focused and God-directed, with multiple tasks on all aspects of your life. It’s the big picture of “divine design.” Whereas a career is more like a path where you go top speed in a headlong manner. A career represents the future, with multiple tasks and upward projection and is what you want. A job is just a clump of something that has to be done. A job is what happens in the present, is a singular function that is usually about what the boss wants.

She recommended that regardless if you know exactly what your calling is, to not stay on pause, but to get going toward something. “It doesn’t need to be complete,” Terry said. She quoted Tim Keller’s 3 Steps to your God-given design to help with your decision making.

  • Affinity – doing what you love and what your heart resonates to
  • Ability – doing what you’re skilled at
  • Opportunity – doing what is available

Also know that sometimes your choices may be hard, but Terry said, “hard things can be purposeful.” She cited an example of her own decision to home school her children. “It was not easy.”

But it is important to discover what your calling is and gave 6 reasons why you should:

Address fulfillment issues and the issue of direction. Answers questions about stability, significance, provision and the issue of time.

Terry also addressed some myths about your calling.

  • “I’m unemployed, so I’m not on that path.”

Use this time in your life to explore, discover and begin the path.

  • “To live a called life, you’ve got to work for a church or a mission.”

There is a special calling in every life.

  • “Taking less money or less responsibility is considered a downward spiral.”

This is your step toward a new path.

Terry suggested using a Life Calling Wheel to assess and address all areas of your life with the goal of creating a better overall balance.

The following resources were suggested when thinking about your own calling:

Halftime by Bob Buford

Blueprint for Life – by Michael Kendrick

Life @ Work – by John Maxwell

Your Work Matters to God – by Doug Sherman

The Other Six Days – by R. Paul Stevens

This talk is preparation for our Living The Called Life workshop.

Workshop Dates: Mondays, March 2nd & 9th.

EARLY BIRD PRICING DEADLINE is this Thursday, Feb. 26th.

About our Speaker: Becky Terry has been a JSN coach since the summer of 2009. She is the developer of the Design & Focus workshop and leads our career direction and calling programs. Her professional background is in career counseling and training where she worked with universities, a top 5 MBA program and a Fortune 50 corporation. In her coaching, she works with experienced job seekers, as well as high school and college students, by helping them find opportunities that best fit their personalities, strengths and passions.

Becky’s Career Path Advising website

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