Speaker Summary “Overcoming Obstacles” by Life Coach Paul Barger on 8/31.

August 25, 2015

in Job Search, Life Skills, Networking

Overcoming Obstacles

1. Right Thinking

• Recognizing the lies vs the truth

• Understanding the consequences of both

• Determining which realm you wish to dwell in

2. Taking Responsibility for your situation (boundaries)

• When it IS your fault

• When it results from others’ actions

3. Facing your problems

• Two possible reactions:

• Avoidance

• Stepping Up

• Developing a Plan

4. Incorporating Accountability

Paul Barger has a lifetime of experience helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives as they apply timeless biblical truths to the challenges of living in a decadent culture that demands far more than one can give for a return far less than one should settle for – which is a life of significance, passion, sacrifice and ultimate fulfillment.

Specialties:Understanding the principles and life application of scriptures. Writing, speaking and coaching to help people find success and significance in their personal and professional lives.

Paul works at Cru Austin http://www.austincru.com

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