Speaker Summary: PLAN + Accountability Team = Job Search Results on April 6

March 31, 2015

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Craig Foster, Executive Director of Job Seekers Network spoke introducing the new second hour accountability groups they were kicking off today:  PLAN (Purpose-led Accountability & Networking) Teams – functional small groups which are collaborative, encouraging, structured, and action-oriented.  Studies show they help you get a job faster! Join at any time!     

Weekly 1 hour* agenda (for groups of 6 or fewer by functional area)

0 – 5 minutes – Gathering and greetings

5 – 35 minutes – Each participant has 5 minutes to share (using Weekly Plan):

  1. 30 second elevator pitch, including job title
  2. Top 3 target companies, if known
  3. High point of the week
  4. One action item for the week
  5. One area where need help **
  6. One helpful thing learned during the job search process this past week

35 – 55 minutes – Open discussion from “where I need help” ** comments, giving each participants’ need some attention.

55 – 60 minutes – Decide on when to meet next. Share contact info. Close in prayer


Getting laid off is not fun. It can be tough in a good job market and brutal in a bad job market. The search is full of rejection. You will undoubtedly endure a bunch of no responses before you get a final YES. It’s a shock and can create a feeling of helplessness, powerlessness and feeling alone that leads to low productivity in their job search.

A job seeker did their best, but despite their best efforts, they were let go. While powerless to avoiding a lay off, they are not powerless about getting a new job.

You don’t have to wait on jobs to open and employers to respond to your resume. But it’s hard work and requires a sustained effort. There is no magic bullet, but there is solid evidence on how job seekers can be more effective.

A combination of having a plan and being part of a collaborative, encouraging, structured, action-oriented peer group has proven to be an effective way to get a job faster. One study showed that job seekers that were part of a team like this found jobs 20% faster than those who were not part of a team.

4 Benefits to Accountability:

Accelerate: You move your job search forward faster with accountability!

  • All the resources, abilities and energy of the group are pooled
  • Help see each others’ blind spots
  • Group discussion stimulates ideas
  • Group members support each other; pick each other up when down.
  • Group shares common goals of moving forward

 Armed: You are better armed to tackle the job search with increasing resources and support from your PLAN Team!

  • Through group sharing and activities, you learn and practice current job search strategies and discover more insider information on current practices in your field, etc.
  • Keep each other informed of jobs and events

Action: By making a change and joining a PLAN Team, you make a PLAN and take Action!

  • You are more consistent to persevere and follow through in your efforts; less stop/start or stalling
  • You verbalize and commit to weekly metrics and goals
  • You can celebrate accomplishments and progress you’ve made
  • You Plan your work, then work your plan – which yields RESULTS!

 Attitude: Your attitude toward your job search will improve!

  • By taking personal responsibility, you become less of a victim and more proactive
  • Through serving others, your perspective and heart changes
  • As you meet your commitments, you are encouraged to keep going
  • By being teachable and learning from others, you will grow in many areas of life
  • You may experience spiritual growth as you see God work and as you serve, pray, comfort and encourage other

Craig Foster, Executive Director of Job Seekers Network was the speaker.

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