Speaker Summary: “Puzzled? Pursue Passion, Purpose and Potential” by Craig Foster on 8/10

July 27, 2015

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Everyone has a desire to see where we fit into the bigger puzzle picture or the bigger story.  My favorite stories are the big epic stories – a tale of how one person with a lofty vision pursues an audacious goal and achieves it. It resonates within our hearts.

We are drawn to unlikely heroes like Frodo Baggins, who overcomes impossible odds to rid the world of evil by casting a powerful ring into the fiery depths of the earth.

Why are we drawn to these stories? Because we were created to live out one of them. Our story isn’t as dramatic as the one we see in the theatre or read in a book, but it certainly can be just as important. We have a deep down craving to live a life of significance.

We all have this hope that if we can find our unique epic story and streamline our lives to accomplish that overriding purpose, our hearts will be satisfied.

The good news is that we can. We were designed to live out an epic story that accomplishes something bigger than ourselves;

The problem is that most of us don’t know how to get there. It all starts with answering the big questions of life. 

The questions we all ask of ourselves that I finally had the answers for. Why do I exist exist? Is this all there is to life?

Isn’t there more than just enduring decades of grinding it out in a mediocre job capped off by a retirement of hitting a little white ball into a hole or reading a romance novel by the pool.   What’s the purpose of your life? Isn’t there a deeper meaning or a higher purpose?

And as you answer these questions to determine your purpose you need to decide on a definition of life. If you define life as the 70-80 year period that follows birth you will create a purpose for that time frame. But if you embrace the idea that eternal life never ends you will create a purpose for eternity.

I came to believe that my life is eternal and not just the 70-80 years we are on this earth and, that God created the world and created man and woman in His image. God didn’t make robots. He made us with a free will and with the capacity to relate to Him. He wants to know us and be known by us. He’s a relational God. When we understand that this is why we were created it’s a game changer.

When we understand this, we see that God wants to share His goodness and display His wisdom, power and love to everyone. We realize we were created for Him – for His pleasure and His purposes. He invites us to know His heart and join Him in His work. When we respond to that invitation we seek to please Him, serve Him and glorify Him. This becomes the central focus of our lives.

So our primary purpose, the reason we were created, is to have a relationship with God and carry out His purposes. And some of His purposes include being glorified in the world, expanding His kingdom and caring for the poor and downtrodden.


So before we move forward we need to define Purpose and Mission and we’ll use the same ones we use in our Living the Called Life workshop.

Purpose –answers the question, “Why do I exist?”

Mission –answers the question, “How am I to live out my purpose in regard to specific areas of my life today?”

In other words your contribution to the bigger purpose is your mission.

The mission is like a piece of the puzzle that only you can do, and it’s there because God wants to use it to draw you into His mission and his bigger purpose.

Your mission in life, reflected in the roles you play, are many. You are perhaps a husband or wife, father or mother, brother or sister, friend, neighbor, church member, business worker, community volunteer and more.

So your mission is probably not a single landmark achievement. But when all the different roles in your life align around a primary mission, the impact is more profound. And only when that mission belongs to God will there be lasting satisfaction.

The other part of mission is Passion.  What are you really good at? What would you do for free?

What stirs your heart? What do you do effortlessly? What do some people have to toil at that you find easy and enjoyable to do? What kinds of things do people ask your help with? = skills and abilities which is a huge indication of how God made you.

The bottom line is God has put certain passions within you, deep in your core, and those passions will inevitably fuel the specific purpose He created you for.

Craig Foster, Founder and Executive Director of Job Seekers Network, has over 25 years of work experience, with 11 years in executive management with Dell.  Craig has coached and taught job seekers and clients as a career coach and has served as a ministry leader for the last 20 years.  He has also served as a board member for three other non-profits.  Craig has his BBA and MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.




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