Speaker Summary: Danny Smith’s Purposeful Decision Making talk on 10/13

October 14, 2014

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“Anything worth doing – even if done poorly – just do,” Danny Smith, executive coach, said of how to get off the mark to make a plan to fit your purpose.

Once you know, “what’s your purpose” it makes all other decisions much easier. It grounds you and gives you a “true north” Smith said.

Smith, a man who has built great mortgage companies as well as watched them fail, knows that even when making good money, something was out of sync for him. He didn’t feel like his personal mission and purpose aligned with his career goals, so he made a change. He began pursuing his faith, attending bible study and creating a path where God was part of the journey. He started living a called life, one with a clear purpose and plan, where he was grateful and could uncover his true potential.

He admittedly has made some mistakes in the past, but conveyed that the only way to make a change, is by making new choices. Smith is an avid reader and what he calls a “serial entrepreneur.” “When you have upwards of 60,000 thoughts per day, you have to work hard to remain focused and stay excited,” he said.

Smith is following his passion to help others succeed, but admittedly is taking it “one day at a time,” but relies heavily on his faith and the Lord to guide him. One of Smith’s favorite quotes is, “As you change the way you look at things, the things you look at – change.”

Smith left the mortgage business after 30 years to become a full-time executive coach. Smith is a volunteer at Job Seekers Network where he teaches about networking. He offers a free weekly “lunch and learn” meeting based on teachings of John Maxwell, author, motivational speaker and pastor who focuses on leadership, as well as he conducts weekly calls on topics related to networking, marketing and seeking out potential. You can find his website at www.impactinnercirclemastermind.com

Job Seekers Network is offering a new 2-session interactive class starting October 20th “Living the called life” to explore what is your true calling, purpose and to create your own personal mission statement. To register, www.job-seekers-network.org/calling-workshop/

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