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“When I first came to Job Seekers Network, I was lost and worried about what to do with my family, finances, insurance, etc. JSN gave me the foundation to meet new people, grow in faith, and find the tools to build better resumes, pitches, a great LinkedIn profile, and the ability to become experienced in interviewing. The coaches were an asset to my well being, Design and Focus put the puzzle together, and considering God’s calling in life was beneficial. Now I know that God is walking and carrying me through the transition. Design and Focus put life into perspective for me.” – Tom 

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James’ story:

Losing my job was one of the BEST things that’s ever happened to me and my family!

Not what you’d expect to hear from a former job seeker, but that’s exactly what James shared recently with our JSN job seekers. And this is just one story of how your generous donations are making a difference in job seekers’ lives.

James first visited JSN the Monday after he was laid off, where he immediately started our Design & Focus career direction program. He knew the work he was doing wasn’t a fit with his gifting, and over the next 4 weeks he better understood his talents and personality traits and started to see some important things that were missing in his old job.

He also realized that his frustration and dissatisfaction with his job were taking a toll on his family. He didn’t realized quite how much until about 3 weeks into the program, over a bowl of cereal one morning, his pre-teen daughter shared with him how much more she “liked the new dad” she was getting to spend time with and who wasn’t stressed and disconnected. He actually had time for her. This led James to realize the importance of finding satisfying work for him, including working with his hands and a work environment that aligned better with his values of quality time with his family.

Over the next several months James provided for his family using his hands building fences, a skill his dad had taught him and a service in great demand due to a huge windstorm in Cedar Park. Then through his diligent job search approach using the tools he learned at JSN, he secured a new position in management. With your help James is now in a satisfying career, and his family life has been significantly changed for the better, too. James and his family thank you, and we do, too.