Lend a helping hand

I’d like you to support “Lending a helping hand to a job seeker ” (or “Help a job seeker get back on track”)
Will you give 20 minutes and $20 to make a difference in the life of a desperate and distressed job seeker?

Help us reach out goal of $10,000

Join us in helping distressed job seekers by donating 20 minutes of your time and $20 (or more).  No matter what you hear in the media it’s a tough job market. One syndicated author and career coach stated: “If you spend as much time as I do studying employment trends, then you know there’s a new employment crisis brewing.” Many job seekers are at the end of their rope because they are finding that underemployment is the “new normal” and it’s taking them longer to land even those jobs.

1) Spend 20 minutes helping. Send us job leads that we can share through our broad distribution list. (You may email any job leads you have to jobleads@job-seekers-network.org). Contact a job seeker you know and encourage them. Ask how you can help them move forward. Please pray for the unemployed, our Job Seekers Network new non-profit, and the Austin job market.

2) Donate $20. Whether it’s a one-time donation or a monthly donation of $20 or more, each little bit can have a huge impact for us and in how we can help the job seekers.

Click Here to Donate.  Gifts of $20 a month or more will be matched.


GOAL: $10,000


Job Seekers Network is a certified non-profit and 501(c)(3). All donations are tax deductible.

If you’ve ever gone through a job search, I’m sure you remember the ups and downs of your job search and were grateful for the help many others, including perhaps Job Seekers Network (JSN), provided.

Here’s the impact we are having:

  • Our best in class training and coaching equips job seekers to positively present themselves to employers
  • Our unique Career Direction programs allow job seekers the opportunity to uncover the type of work that best fits their strengths and gifting and to consider their calling.
  • The encouragement and individualized attention we provide helps them stay focused and motivated to keep plugging along.

This past year, JSN became an independent 501(c)(3) non­profit organization. To meet our current demands and to continue to offer our excellent job search services, we need to expand our funding. There are many more Central Texas job seekers that we could be reaching with practical help and hope during a difficult and often emotionally challenging time.

Click Here to make a tax deductible donation to the “Lend a helping hand to a Job Seeker ” campaign and be a part of bringing hope to current and future job seekers.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in donating help these most desperate job seekers