Speaker Summary: “Are you ready?” by Mike Robertson on 3/9!

March 3, 2015

in Career Direction, Life Skills

Are you ready?

Professional speaker, author, musician and songwriter Mike Robertson challenged Job Seekers to answer the question, but also gave tips and encouraging words on how to prepare for a “yes.”

Robertson, who has a gift for storytelling, shared stories about people who had been given unexpected opportunities in their lives and when called upon, they said, “yes.”

When the drummer for The Who, Keith Moon, couldn’t perform at a concert, Pete Townshend, guitarist and songwriter, asked if anyone in the audience could play. Scot Halpin raised his hand and said, “yes.” And thus began his professional music career.

But how do you get there? How do you prepare yourself so that when opportunity finds you, there’s no hesitation and you move forward?

“Everyone is born with a blank canvas,” he said. But he’s a big believer in the fact that life is not black and white, but full of Technicolor opportunities. As a big fan of “The Wizard of Oz” he encourages people to be creative in their endeavors. Do something different that makes you stand out. “Add color to your canvas.”

He added, “Don’t go through life just reacting. Go through life creating. Life is not a spectator sport. It’s an art project, a painting, a symphony. Always a work in progress.”

He cautioned that each person’s definition of success is different. “Don’t follow someone else’s life, create your own.”

There are three words Robertson focused on: SKILL, DRILL and THRILL.

Your SKILL is your talent, ability, tool or resource that is uniquely you.

The DRILL is being proactive by practicing, creating a routine and always sharpening your skill.

The THRILL is the idea that separates you from the pack – the one thing that gets you noticed.

Regardless of what field you are in, or the stage in your life, everyone has their own unique three. He shared an example of a housewife who created and crafted an amazing cookie recipe and decided to open a cookie store. Debbi Fields, who founded cookie retail empire Mrs. Fields, took her SKILL (to bake) and did the DRILL (working with the recipe and making it the best) and took her THRILL (the cookie store idea) and collectively became successful.

Another example was when Robertson himself wanted to propose to his then girlfriend. He wrote her a song (SKILL), re-wrote, added music and crafted (DRILL) and pitched the song to local radio stations to play as his proposal (THRILL). And she said, “yes.”

As a job seeker himself, Robertson approached a firm with his idea of creating newsletters and logos via desktop publishing. They were not hiring for this type of position specifically, but they did have a need for a “while you wait graphic design” role in their retail stores. Robertson said, “yes.”

God has made you unique and special, but you have to grab your own mix of colors to fill the canvas for you.

What’s your SKILL? Are you doing the DRILL? And, what’s your THRILL?

Mike Robertson, speaker, humorist, emcee and author of three books, can be found at www.isthismikeon.co

Mike Robertson is a professional speaker, writer, musician and storyteller. His creative presentations have entertained and inspired thousands to find and sharpen their own creative abilities. Humorous, witty and wise, Mike’s warm, story-driven style is a pleasure to hear, and his perceptive insights will keep you thinking long after the speech is over. Mike is the author of four books and is a member of the National Speakers Association. He is currently engaged in his Creative Deadline 2015 Project, in which he must produce a different creative work every month this year: a song, a painting, a new book, a standup comedy routine, etc. Mike and his wife Lisa live in the heart of Austin; their daughter Lindsey is a UT graduate, currently pursuing an acting and writing career in New York City. 


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