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September 22, 2014

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You know that thing that burns inside of you that makes you smile, feel excited, energized and you could talk about it for three hours straight without blinking an eye? That is what Catherine Jewell, The Career Passion Coach, calls your “Burning Coals,” your true passion.

Jewell encourages you to discover your passion in life and find work you Love, by being bold in your career moves.
Interviews, like zip lining, can be incredibly frightening, but thrilling at the same time. But before jumping off the platform, you have to first ask yourself a few questions.

Why make a career move? You may want to increase your satisfaction, your confidence, your income and your passion for life.

What are your interests? These are the hot coals – any topic that is “always interesting” to you. Reading books and researching ad nauseam never feels like work, but increases your excitement. It could be something that you would consider yourself an “expert” on.

Why to not make a move? What are you afraid of? Things that might keep you from making a change could be a new boss, fear of a merger, layoffs, outsourcing and fear of losing the job, but those things will probably happen anyway. With today’s workforce only averaging three years at any given job, Jewell recommends, “Always be ready to move on and stay flexible and adaptable.”

Some may say “there are no perfect jobs,” but Jewell believes that “perfect work does exist.” But, you have to drive your own career. At any workplace there can be things you don’t like such as rules, mean coworkers, impossible bosses and restrictive policies, but don’t give up on finding your definition of that perfect environment.
What does “perfect work” look like? It fits your behavior style, it’s comfortable and a challenge, allows growth, is a congenial environment, where the pay is fair or better and it is meaningful to you. Match that with something that you desire, and would do even if you didn’t get paid, and you’re that much closer to combining your passion with your next career move.

But passion is not passive. You have to put your passion into action and remember that “work is always work,” but you can make it more satisfying. You also have to identify what is killing your passion. If all you do is work, and don’t have any fun, that can dull your excitement. You may be angry or afraid, have an illness, family drama or are just too busy worrying about others and don’t make any time for yourself.

“Put your oxygen mask on first, before assisting others,” Jewell said. It’s important to take care of YOU during your job hunt. Make time for yourself to do fun activities, visit with friends, exercise and even send yourself to the spa.

During your job hunt, make bold career moves. Jewell suggests four principles of a bold life. 1)Be 100% responsible for what happens 2) You are a Free Agent 3) You are the CEO of your career and 4) Make good choices for YOU!
When job seeking, make sure to first write about your loss as part of the healing process. Next, get busy networking my doing a telephone campaign to hiring managers, network into specific companies by making “inside” friends, apply online and just show up. Present yourself as a consultant and even create a job or write a proposal about what you can do for them. Accelerate your LinkedIn presence, and even create your own group or association.

So – where to begin? Each week, have three career conversations and spend at least three hours working on finding work. And if you’re not sure who can help, think about other job seekers, former coworkers, clients, vendors, family members and even fellow churchgoers.

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