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Job Seekers Network:
  • “Top 5 Job Search Training and Networking Group in the USA”
  • 75%+ back to work success rate
  • 98%+ satisfaction rating

Who do we help? Job seekers who need a resume to get a job.

We offer:

  • FREE training on Résumés, Interviewing, Branding, Elevator Pitch, Marketing Plan, LinkedIn/Indeed, Networking, Negotiating Compensation and more taught by excellent subject matter coaches.
  • Access to recruiters and hiring organizations.
  • Keynote addresses by some of Austin’s best motivational and job search strategy speakers.
  • Emotional and spiritual support to help you through the ups and downs of the job search
  • Career direction and life purpose workshops (fee based)
  • Annual large job fair and several mini job fairs

Location: 12124 Ranch Road 620 N, Austin, TX 78750 (Click here for more details)

Speakers begin promptly at 9AM for our Monday morning meetings.

Are you hiring for professional level positions? Come on a Monday morning to share your openings and talk with job seekers. It’s best to let us know that you are coming. Email us.

What Alumni, Experts & Partners say…

“I paid $5,000 to another career service organization for essentially the same training I could have gotten for FREE at Job Seekers Network. That’s why I tell every job seeker I can and volunteer my time for Job Seekers Network.”
– Douglas Mitchell, JSN Alumni/Coach

“I trust JSN and know they are concerned with the whole person – their job search needs, sure, but also their emotional and spiritual needs. Helping them find work that fits them so that they don’t end up unemployed again in 3 month makes a huge difference.”
– Michael Brown, Business Partner

“I have been to over 500 job clubs and job search networking groups around the United States, and Job Seekers Network is truly one of the best.”
– Abby Kohut, National Job Search Speaker & Expert



  • Make a tax deductible donation our nonprofit
  • Hiring? Hire one of the 75-100 job seekers who come each week
  • Letting go? Let us provide job search expertise to help employees transition.

Job Seekers Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All donations are tax deductible.

Live in the South Austin Area?

JSN has a partnership with Austin Ridge! Check out this page for more details!