Six Ways to Support JSN

Support Job Seekers Network! We need YOUR help in any and all ways!

Donations: Your tax-deductible donation makes a difference in the life of a job seeker, their family and our community! Donations ensures that we will be there for people facing unemployment and help us keep our Monday morning training and encouragement FREE for all job seekers. Go to our DONATE PAGE for more details on how to donate.

Scholarship Fund: We offer two special workshops which do have registration fees. While we keep these fees very low, some job seekers still can’t afford to pay them. Scholarships help fill that gap. Help job seekers find clear direction and confidence through our Design & Focus workshop and discover their calling and life mission in our Living the Called Life workshop. Go to our DONATE PAGE and find the Scholarship Fund for Our Special Workshops buttons to donate to the Scholarship Fund.

Prayer Team: The JSN Prayer Team commits to pray for our job seekers, the ministry, and our team. We strongly believe in the power of prayer and know that JSN would not be where it is today without huge prayer support. We send weekly and quarterly requests to our team and ask them to pray during their personal prayer time. To join the prayer team, email us.

Church Ambassador: Church Ambassadors get JSN events on the church calendar, tell church staff about us for referrals, send church members who need our help to JSN, post professional job leads on our Austin Job Seekers Network LinkedIn page, and help us build a deeper partnership with the church. To talk more about this opportunity, email us.

Job LeadsConnect our job seekers directly with job leads! Post job leads (when openings occur or once/month) to JSN’s LinkedIn group, “Austin Job Seekers Network”.  Directions on how to post job leads can be found here. It is very easy.

Corporate Sponsor: Do you believe in the mission of JSN or are you looking for a pool of 10,000+ talented individuals for your job openings or to take advantage of your services? Become a Corporate Partner with Job Seekers Network! The goal of our partnership program is to find a win-win-win strategy for you – the organizational/corporate partner, the job seekers and Job Seekers Network, the nonprofit. For more information email us.

Email us to let us know your interest in helping JSN and how you’d like to help.