Recruiting broadly for technical talent in high tech, financial technologies, cloud, cyber security and software engineering.

Some of the examples of positions:

1. Net Software Engineers requiring experience with Visual Studio, C#, SQL Server, SOAP, and REST.

2. Embedded Software Engineers skilled in C++, and Embedded Linux or QNX.

Dan Medlin founded StarHR and has been a regular speaker at Job Seeker’s network since 2014 and has helped a number of our members over the years with both career counseling and job placement.

Dan published a key resource you all need to consider, The STAR Career Workbook. Just visit Amazon and search for “Dan Medlin STAR Career Workbook.” Look for the January 2019 edition of the book, new and updated in January, 2019. This book will help you assess your values and strengths, refine your vision and craft your message. It provides tools for developing your resume and cover letters; as well as networking plans, interview preparations, and negotiating strategies. Dan is bringing a few copies of the book with him to sign and sell, if you want to pick one up today.

Now, if you are a talent acquisition leader or hiring manager here in the room, you probably want to check out Dan’s 2018 publication called STAR Hiring. This book is focused on the very best practices for recruiting and hiring top talent (aka STARs). Dan illustrates how to assemble and train a top recruiting team, how to assess candidates for grit and perseverance, and much more. 

StarHR is a recruitment and HR consulting firm here in Austin, and Dan is happy to speak to any technology focused companies about their hiring needs and how he can help you. For you job seekers in the room, Dan is currently hot on the trail for a few top-notch C#.Net Software Engineers, as well as some Embedded Software Engineers skilled in C++, and Embedded Linux or QNX. You would also preferably have some Device Driver work and wireless development experience. So track down Dan if you meet those needs and he will be happy to speak with you. Lastly, if you work in any role in electronics engineering and manufacturing, financial technologies, software or hardware, you should make sure Dan has your resume.