Speaker Summary: Living a Life of Passion by Amanda Allbright

November 10, 2014

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Take your Identity, add your passion and the result equals joy, peace, purpose, confidence and freedom. Christian life coach Amanda Allbright uses this formula to help live a life with purpose.

Allbright always knew she liked helping people and encouraging others, so she took a job as an Executive Assistant at Community Impact newspaper and got her life coaching certificate.
She overcame her past to create a better future, and on her journey shared about her “40 days of truth” – a process where she prayed about who she is, and learned each of those 40 days, using the Bible and praying to help her figure out her next steps.
“Living a life of passion gives you confidence in all other aspects of your life, whether it’s interviewing, in a current job or in your personal life. You can be really enthusiastic if what you’re doing is important to you, full of meaning and purpose,” Allbright said.

She believes there are three steps you must take to find your passion and move forward.
1) Know your identity
2) Conduct a Joy Experiment
3) Begin Today
Find out who you really are at the core, “The true you”. This will help you find your purpose. Allbright also said, “You must be open to the ways that God is speaking to you. You have to reprogram your mind so that you can accept what is your truth.”
The thought of public speaking was terrifying to Allbright, but felt like she had a voice and her message was important and needed to be shared.
Ways to discover your passion include:
• Reclaim a joy from the past – even if you were 10 years old
• Think about what ignites your creativity
• What is your favorite thing to talk about? What could you talk about for hours?
• Try something new
“You have to push yourself past the fear.”

Allbright shared that she loved dancing, but was afraid to try it. She started taking lessons and with each lesson became more confident in her ability. She’s now teaching dance lessons.
But where do you start? And how do you begin?
Allbright posed the question, “What can you do today? Think of just one step you can take.”
“You don’t have to have everything figured out right away, just move forward. Just do. Don’t wait,” she said. ”Keep walking and even think about taking smaller steps, as they all count.”
Albright stressed the importance of knowing your Maker so that you can better know yourself.
Studying, writing down and verbalizing her “40 days of truth” helped shaped who she is today.
Albright is a Christian life coach, with a ministry called the Gateway of Hope. You can find more information on her website www.anallbrightlife.com

Amanda Allbright’s practice, An Allbright Life, focuses on bringing hope to people despite their circumstances. As a certified Christian life coach, she has led many people through her workshop, Gateway of Hope, which helps people let go of the past and learn about their God-given identity. Amanda also works for Community Impact Newspaper as an office manager and executive assistant. More info at anallbrightlife.com

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