Speaker Summary: Peter Strople, “The Most Connected Man in America” spoke on “Bringing Instant Change to Your Job Search” on 11/3

November 3, 2014

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Peter Strople created “Friends of Peter” to bring business and community leaders together to effect “Instant Change” (The Power of Now) as it relates to the critical business and social needs of a community or country. Considered one of the Top Business Strategists dealing with “Instant Change,” Peter has developed unique techniques to address and refocus a company’s strategy in a few hours versus a few months.
Change is always within reach and even the smallest changes can have profound impact on your life and the lives of others.
Peter Strople, retired business strategist and professional networker, asks the following questions to help you make instant change, whether in your personal or professional life.
• “If you could change anything, what would you change now?”
• “If I knew then, what I know now, what would I do differently?”
• “If I had $10M, what would I do with it?”
• “If I had all the time, what would I do with it?”

Developing real relationships, versus just transactions, can easily be done by being an active listener as well as by sending a message as simple as TFBIML – “Thanks for being in my life.”
But first step toward change is a basic understanding of who you are and where you are going.
Strople designed what he calls “The Homeplate.” Imagine a square, divided into four quadrants. Top right is Passion/Love, bottom right is Uniqueness/Beauty, bottom left is Impact/Truth and top left Sustainability/Legacy. Begin at top right corner, work clockwise and answer the questions about yourself.
In the job search, he suggests, “Show your relevancy to their business. Do some research – discover what the company struggles with.”
Ask the following questions of any potential employer:
• What is their perception of me?
• Why am I here?
• What do you really need?
Four things to consider when searching for a career are Need, Want, Time and Money. Needs and time are finite, wants and money are not.
• Is this business needed or wanted?
• Does it have long-term potential?
• Is it needed today?
• And why is it needed?
Strople has a true passion for helping people. Beyond assisting companies with business strategies and establishing a foster care agency, Strople created a weekly networking group called “Friends of Peter” to bring business and community leaders together. They share their stories Saturday mornings at 9am at Panera Bread in the Arboretum. Known as “One of the most connected men in America,” Strople has a unique ability to listen well, using not only his ears, but his heart. More information can be found on his website www.friendsofpeter.net


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