Speaker Summary: The State of LinkedIn and Top LinkedIn Tips by Doug Mitchell on 2/16

February 11, 2015

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Job Seekers Network’s resident LinkedIn Coach Doug Mitchell says, “If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you don’t exist.”
The power of this free online tool allows you to create and maintain a professional profile, gives you access to a large, trusted professional network and helps you find and reconnect with former colleagues and classmates.
With 80% of jobs found through networking, why wouldn’t you take advantage of a free powerful tool that has more than 300 million members with the majority of its income attributed to subscriptions sold to Talent Solution companies? Mitchell says there’s a lot more you can do and say on www.linkedin.com than in two pages of a resume. He likens LinkedIn to a “resume on steroids.”
As your identity profile, don’t forget to include your picture. Those with a picture get 11 times more pages views. But LinkedIn has gone beyond simply being your identity profile, it also provides a great networking opportunity as well as a way to gain knowledge via news feeds. Based on your interests and influencers, it provides you articles you may have an interest in by sending you information on publishers as well as online education opportunities.
One of the features LinkedIn offers is called InMail, an email system. Mitchell has some tips on best ways to utilize it including, “Don’t Spam people, respect recipient’s wishes, keep it short – less than 100 words, don’t pitch people, demonstrate value and be clear. And always remember your email etiquette. Don’t sound desperate, don’t ask for free advice and don’t be pushy.”
Some constructive email questions could include, “I see you’ve had success with . . . . “ Or “I’d l like to know more about how you did . . . . . . .” Look for valid reasons to connect and earn your next steps. You can reference a shared hobby or interest and then ask a shared connection for a warm introduction.
The “Recommendations” section allows you to get recommendations from happy clients, former colleagues, employees and supervisors, as we all fellow volunteers. You can also reciprocate by writing recommendations for others. The Endorsement field is treated differently and is really more about marketing versus true merit. Always good to eliminate endorsements that are not supporting your current search.
In getting all that you can out of this tool, Mitchell suggests to “BE” the following: Be secretive, opportunistic, redundant, greedy, verbose, a thief, in their face, excited, passionate, grateful, positive, proud, creative, proactive, reasonable, patient, evolving and enlightened. Create a QR code for your page, but avoid buzzwords.
Douglas Mitchell volunteers to teach a class on LinkedIn each week on Mondays at 10:30am at Job Seekers Network. He is a professional financial advisor operating his own company at dmitchell@swbc.com or can be found on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/dougmitchellaustx/en .

Doug Mitchell became a financial professional in 2011 after working for 11 years in the Publishing industry and 11 years in the Healthcare Industry. He earned the title of Financial Advisor. He lives with his wife and son in Austin and is proud to work with and serve his community. He works regularly as a coach with the Austin Job Seekers Network and volunteers with other local service programs.

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