2/2 Speaker Summary: Secrets Recruiters Don’t Want You to Know by Absolutely Abby

January 28, 2015

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by Mary Lance

Much about recruiting is telling people why they didn’t get a job and usually without much detail. After working as a recruiter and in HR for 18 years, Abby Kohut, also known as “Absolutely Abby”, decided to take her experience and share it with others in a positive light via a roadshow across the US.
She has a mission to help 1 million job seekers with hints, tricks and great “real” information on how to find a job.
Kohut suggests “Being the captain of your own career and doing what makes sense for you.”
Kohut outlined 4 key steps to success for your job search:
• Your Collateral
• Phone Screen
• Interview
• Close The Deal
The collateral she references is your resume and cover letter. On your resume:
• One page is not enough.
• Include accomplishments, volunteering, languages you speak.
• Key words are “KEY” – make sure to repeat the key words at least 3 times and not words like team player or leader, but words more technical or specific to your industry.
• Grammar and spelling mistakes. She suggests having someone else proofread it for you.
On your cover letter:
• When do you send one? Send a cover letter if you really want the job.
• Personalize it – use name of the hiring manager versus a generic greeting.
• Know your “why” – why you want to work for this company, in this industry.
• Grammar and spelling are also important here.
The Phone Screen is usually your first step in the interview process.
• Be available for phone calls, take them wherever you are.
• This is your first impression, so answer with some energy. If not a good time, postpone the call and prepare.
• “Walk, talk and smile.” – You can sense when a person is smiling over the phone. This sends a positive message. Walking can help you also give off a sense of confidence in your speech.
• Make sure you are talking on a landline if possible. Avoid Bluetooth or speaker phone.
• If after the screen, the job doesn’t sound like right fit for you, pass it on to someone else.
And now you’ve made it to the interview.
• Dress for success. It’s okay to ask a recruiter if a suit is appropriate for their environment.
• Also, wear what you would everyday like showing tattoos or piercings.
• Make sure your shoes are clean. Do not wear flip flops or strange stilettos.
• Do not wear perfume, too much makeup or jewelry.
• Make sure nails are clean and neat and brush off any dandruff flakes.

There are also some things “not to do” in an interview. Kohut calls them the “Interview Gotchas”

• Don’t give a fishy, limp-like handshake. Be firm, but not too hard as to hurt someone.
• Don’t talk about certain topics like sports, religion or politics. However do pay attention to office details to pick up on hobbies or likes of the interviewer, which you could casually mention.
• Don’t brag too much, but don’t brag too little. Don’t act like you know it all, but you are in sales and marketing now and have to present yourself in the best light.
• Make sure to answer the question that has been asked versus saying a lot without giving them what they need.
• Do not have your cell phone on and do not answer it during an interview.
• Do not use their outlet to plug in your phone. Do ask permission to have water as well as to take notes.
• Avoid certain phrases like “I don’t mind” and “It’s no problem” or “Like I said” – these don’t give off the best impression, so best to stay away from them.
• Watch your body language. Have good posture, with uncrossed arms and no eye-rolling.
• Be aware of the “best friend trap.” An interviewer makes you feel comfortable hoping you will spill some dirt.
And now you have to close the deal.
• Ask questions. Make sure you have a long list. This shows you’re interested, as you’ve done the research.
• Ask how and when to follow up.
• Be careful of small talk in the hallway. Try not to complain while walking in or out of an interview. Stay positive.
• Send a memorable thank you note. Personalize it based on your conversation.
• Don’t bug the recruiter about the status

Author of 2 books, including “Top 12 Interview Questions Exposed” and “101 Job Search Secrets,” Abby Kohut has been rated as one of the top 100 influential people online by Fast Company Magazine. Her website www.AbsolutelyAbby.com was selected as one of the “Top 100 websites for Your Career” by Forbes. You can find more information there about her teleseminars and books for sale.

Since 2010, Abby has been on a mission to help one million job seekers and is currently driving around the USA on a nationwide tour to accomplish that goal which you can learn more about at www.AbbyAcrossAmerica.com. 

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