Speaker Summary, 3/30: Dr. Gene Getz on how to deal with difficulty in your life

March 30, 2015

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Written by Mary Lance

Dr. Gene Getz, Pastor, National Speaker and Author of 60 books, including “Measure of a Man,” shared with Job Seekers Monday three principles that apply anytime to anyone regardless of circumstance. The Supra Cultural Principle says:
1) In the midst of difficulty, share your needs with God and you can share anything.
2) Acknowledge His greatness, remind Him of His promises and pray specifically for what you need at that time.
3) When praying and asking for help, use your talents and abilities to be part of the answers to your prayers.
“God is a priority – God is an awesome God,” said Getz.
Getz used scripture examples from Nehemiah and Daniel to show that even in times of captivity and when you feel like you are all alone, that God is great and awesome and He is listening.
In Daniel; 9:1-19 “To pray effectively, we should acknowledge God’s greatness, remind Him of His glorious promises, confess our sins, and be specific in our requests.”

And when you do ask God for help, you have to be ready when the answer is received.
Getz shared an example of a time he was tasked to start a brand new church – he was in need of property and funds, but was really struggling with the process. During times like those he said, “Faith fluctuates, but people continue to pray. Things don’t always happen overnight – it’s really a series of steps to accomplish most goals.”
As a Job Seeker, doubt is a common emotion. But Getz encourages folks to lean on each other and that “you are not alone in the journey.” The weekly meetings at Job Seekers support that notion.
In Nehemiah 1:1-4 – he says, “When we are in the midst of agonizing circumstances that seem hopeless, we should freely share our painful thoughts and feelings with God.”
More information on Dr. Gene Getz can be found on his website at www.bibleprinciples.org

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