Rudy Herrera, Austin Goodwill Staffing Group

February 27, 2014

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“Relentlessly focused on empowering people to find work.”
• Since 1995
• $11M in revenue
• 1000 placements were made last year.

Types of positions:
• Administrative
• Professional
• Light Industrial
• Technical

• Executive Administrative Assistants
• Legal Assistants
• Lawyers, Doctors, Microbiologists
• Warehouse workers, drivers, custodians

Email is the best method of contact

• The available jobs are always changing.
• Immediate demand is typical. Be ready to go to work tomorrow if you’re called.
• Taking the job is always your choice.

Rudy has been there. He was laid off but then worked as a temp at the City of Austin. This eventually led to a full time position that allowed him to leverage his past work tenure at the City of Austin and enabled early retirement.

Blessings can come from times of unemployment.
• Better work situations
• Better relationships
• Better job satisfaction

The advantages of doing temp work:
• You’re working.
• You’re back in the rhythm of being employed.
• You’re active.
• You’re getting a paycheck.
• You’re building relationships.
• It improves your hire-ability

Key points:
• Tell everybody that you meet that you’re out of work.
• Jobs that are not on your intended career path may enable you to discover new skills and/or find something you like more.
• Explore new possibilities.
• Temporary work may not be your dream job or pay rate, but work is available.
• Austin Goodwill Staffing Group’s markup is approximately 40% vs. the industry standard of 60%-80%.

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