Design and Focus Workshop

July 11, 2013

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Design & Focus Workshop – A multi- week team oriented course where participants use assessments to gain a clear picture on their design and then work to explore new opportunities and gain focus.

Starting August 1st, Thursday evenings, 7:00 – 9:30, 3 week program with a bonus 4th week offered. Hill Country Bible Church Austin- Lakeline campus.

Assess your Design so you can determine your new Focus!

Special College Track offered for August 2013 (see details below)!  ***

For the unemployed, unhappily employed or underemployed: How are things progressing in your work life? Is it exhilarating and are you able to shine as you make the best use of your experiences, interests, personality, and gifting in meaningful work? Or instead is it dull and lifeless, where you are trudging through day by day and wondering if there shouldn’t be more to your work life and somehow you are missing out?

  •       Frustrated in a meaningless job?
  •       In a job clearly not a fit for you?
  •       Feeling lost?
  •       At a dead end in your career?
  •       Wanting to make a difference?
  •       Not sure if you should make that risky move to something new?
  •       Are you early in your career and want to make sure you get on the right career path?

This program helps you dig deeply into learning more about yourself and unearthing some of those things in the past that give you insight into your future direction.

*** Are you a college student or recent grad (2 years or less out of college)?

  • Not sure how to assess your gifting or careers that would be a good match?
  • Trying to figure out your post graduation plans?
  • Wondering if you are in the right major?
  • How do you even begin to explore all the options available?
  • What is God’s call on your life?
  • What majors & careers “fit” how God made you?

The time and money spent on this workshop is a great investment for both parents and their student’s future.

Key Outcomes:

  • Assess your “Divine Design” including your personality, interests, values, skills and gifts
  • Learn tools for investigating potential careers and wise decision making
  • Work in teams to develop and practice telling your success stories

God uniquely makes, molds and motivates you for your unique mission. Come find yourself.  In this workshop we will help you explore the inner passions that combine your knack for certain work with the opportunities that may come your way.  You will identify the times when you felt the most joy from your work.  Then you will develop a personal compass that helps you determine which opportunities provide your best path.

Design & Focus has been taught to over 100 participants each year since 2009. It receives excellent reviews by past participants. The college track is a new addition in 2013.

Past participants have shared:

  • Thank you for the Design and Focus class.  It really did help me stay focused on the things I enjoyed doing, so when this opportunity became available I was able to recognize that it would be right up my alley.
  • Helpful, soul-searching, focused, supportive, necessary.
  • It significantly cuts through the “fog” of what I do next.
  • This program helps you get grounded and directed. Everyone needs some motivation and a starting point.
  • Clarification of who you are and want is an essential element in a presentation about yourself. This course makes that concrete.
  • It takes work, but is worthwhile and benefits all areas of your life.
  • You Must Do This!

There is homework with this program between each week. You do need internet access during the week to work on your homework. 

Dates: Thursday evenings, August 1st, 8th, 15th with an optional bonus meeting August 22nd.

Times: 7:00 p.m.– 9:30 p.m.

Location: Hill Country Bible Church Austin- Lakeline campus. Room 4.110

College / New College Graduate Registration: $79 Registration + $79 Suggested Donation

Regular Registration: $99 Registration + $99 Suggested Donation

Pre-approved For Scholarship: $50

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