“Bringing Your A Game” by Dr. Robert Shindell

October 6, 2013

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Dr. Robert Shindell began his talk with a story about a job seeker he helped a couple of years ago.  The individual had been having some problems with his manager, and received an email one day letting him know he had been let go.  The devastation of that impersonal communication affected his ability to move on well – he had made some attempts to conduct a job search but was not being very successful.  He was told he needed to “bring his ‘A’ game” to all his efforts but was not sure of what exactly that meant.

Dr. Shindell decided to look at several characteristics of the ‘A’ game, choosing words that started with the letter A:

1)   Attitude:  many people think they just need to be positive during the interview process, but your daily attitude actually shows through.  You need to make sure to be as positive as possible and make that change from the inside out.  Use positive affirmation groups like Job Seekers Network, which encourage and support the positive.  It is essential to let go of anger, as it will cloud everything.

2)   Assessment:  take stock of yourself, what are your strengths and talents.  Assess who can help you and be clear regarding what you want help with.

3)   Ambition:  take this opportunity to look at what directions you may not have tried in the past, where your passion might lead you.

4)   Attempt:  Remember, “You always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!” In your job search, do 2 to 4 things per day, which are a mix of personal, and ‘micro-goals’ around search.  These should be attainable.  Keep a daily list and move items not done to the next day.  Try not to do things that pop up and could distract you – put them on the list for another day.

5)   Action-oriented:  be an active participant in your own search.  If it seems to be taking longer, look how to accelerate.

6)   Administer:  manage your time well.  Be careful about just filling your day with online job boards.  Organize and measure your search in a structure that is comfortable for you.

7)   Announce:  what you are doing!  Do not isolate yourself.

8)   Advisors:  find strong people who are honest with you and give more that “feel good messages”.  They become your deputies.

9)   Adapt:  get out of your comfort zone and force yourself to change.  Check out the books “Who Moved the Cheese” and “Good to Great”

10)                  Avoid:  negative things that don’t serve you well.  The Dali Lama has a great quote about this:  “ Find what brings you joy and peace, do more of that.  Find what brings you pain and do less of that.”

He closed his talk with the revelation that the person he was helping discover his ‘A’ game was himself.  He said he discovered that the dramatic event of being fired by email gave him the opportunity to step back and create a new career for himself out of his passion to help job seekers.  His website is ILostMyJob.com

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