Embrace the Tension: Making Sense of Life When Life Doesn’t Make Sense by Don Christian, Dean of Concordia Business School

October 29, 2012

in Upcoming Events

Just when we think we have it all figured out, something happens that makes us question our very existence – and can often play on our negative feelings about our lives and ourselves.  Tension in life does not always need to be resolved; in fact, many would say it is the tensions in life that shape us and make us stronger.  Just as our physical bodies grow through tension and relaxation, so do our mental selves and our spiritual selves.  This talk will focus on how you can use the tension in your life to be a better you.

Dr. Donald Christian is the Dean of the College of Business at Concordia University Texas, a position in which he has served for seven years.  He is a student of leadership, an engaging teacher, and a lover of books.  Prior to Concordia University, he served as a head of school, a church administrator, and a band director.


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