JSN & John Maxwell Coach, Danny Smith on TASK Based Goal Setting

October 19, 2013

in Upcoming Events

The results of Goal Setting is a direct result of your T.A.S.K.S
Knowledge and
and the HOPE you have in the VICTORY of achieving those goals.


Join us on January 6th to hear Danny Smith present how we can all achieve our 2014 goals through the steady impact of TASK Based Goal Setting.
About our Speaker, Danny Smith:
Leadership is the difference maker and the deal breaker. It’s how we grow organizations and impact lives. Danny is a mortgage banker at Gateway Mortgage Group, LLC, and a certified speaker, coach and trainer with the John Maxwell Team. (He is also JSN’s Networking Coach!) With a deep bias towards leadership, his passion is to make a difference within his spheres of influence. He offers workshops, seminars and coaching to help individuals lift lids, gain new heights and realize dreams. You can read more about Danny, his practices and beliefs at www.DannyLSmith.com.

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