Ken Kuznia, Founder of the DigYourWork program, speaking on “Getting Clear”

September 12, 2013

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The guest speaker at the September 30 JSN meeting was an energetic Ken Kuznia from DigYourWork, Inc.  His title there is “Catalyst”, which he truly turned out to be for the group of job seekers attending the meeting.  His topic focused on helping job seekers get clear on what exactly they want from a job. He stated when you take the time to truly analyze and get specific, then the results tend to be much more effective for both job seekers and hiring companies.  It also helps others know what you’re looking for and assist with networking and referrals.


He said there are generally two camps of people – the first look at “what is my calling” but these tend to be the minority.  A great deal tend to focus on getting the “JOB”, feeling the urgency to secure something which creates a scattershot strategy as they pursue all kinds of leads.  He stated that the “getting clear” processes can help both camps.


One of the first important steps is get specific on key items:  your salary requirements, size of company and / or industry, type of work, number of hours and shifts, home office vs. working on site, distance you want to travel, and whether want to be a manager or not.  An interesting technique Ken suggested was “free writing” – allow yourself to write down thoughts without censoring them.   Doing this a couple times can be very useful as new thoughts and ideas might come out.  You can then review them with friends, family or advisors and often find some interesting new perspectives on what might be important or interesting for you to pursue.


A next key step is sift down to your “must have’s” list (usually 6 – 10 items) that have come from inside yourself after the free writing or discussion process.  Finally, move to implementation by identifying jobs that could provide these must have’s.  The job seeker has now created a single direction and much more focused search.  In interviews, the seeker is now more engaged and passionate, and the company is able to hire someone who is truly interested and committed to the career opportunity.

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