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September 12, 2013

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Job Seekers Network bills itself as an organization that helps job seekers find a better job faster.  This last Monday’s meeting focused on honing our networking skills within small groups of about 8 – 10 people.  We were asked to introduce ourselves with our short “elevator speech” and then advise the group about what companies we are looking at, to see if anyone has contacts at those businesses.  The group I was in consisted of many first-time people, some of who were clearly just starting their job search efforts.  Having been in a job search for over 9 months, I have had many opportunities to deliver my elevator speech, so I offered to go first.

I have been coached to create a memorable “positioning statement” about myself.  As a marketer I know the importance of this – the great brands have spent a good deal time and money creating theirs, so we know they work.  Mine has evolved to this:  “I am a connector of marketing strategy with execution”.  I usually follow that with a couple statements about developing successful marketing campaigns that create valuable sales leads and revenue for the company.

My group exclaimed that they really liked that positioning statement – it made them first, remember me, and second, bring up some questions in their minds to ask for more information (which is what you’d really like to happen – get your listener involved and be able to go more in depth regarding your experiences, etc.).  I was pleased that this group of fairly new job seekers was able to take away a challenge for themselves to create their own unique and memorable statement!

by Rolinda Carrington

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