Each week, more than 100 job seekers gather for job search training, networking and encourage- ment. We meet from 9:00-11:30 am. First timer? Please read this and plan to arrive by 8:40 am.

7/6 & 7/13: No JSN meeting, summer break.

Guest speaker, Monique Maley, founder of www.Articulate Persuasion, spoke on Influence and Persuasion: How to Command a Room.

You really had to be there to fully grasp her great advice.  If you have a chance to hear her I recommend you don’t miss her.  Some points were: It’s all about them and not you, be clear and concise in communication, build trust and credibility and your presence is felt: be relevant, memorable and confident.

Scott Uhrig of Whiterock Partners, an executive search firm focused on executive positions for high-tech companies will be speaking.

  • Most jobs are found through networking (80%)
  • The best jobs are found through networking (Networking results in the highest quality jobs, most satisfying jobs, jobs in which people stay the longest – Mark Granovetter)
  • Less competition than “applying” for posted jobs

How would your describe your current approach to your job search? If you were describing your job search to a good friend, what would you say?

What has been the hardest part of your job search?

Do you have a target list of companies? If so, how many companies are on your list?

Do you have a target list of people? If so, how many people are on your list?

If you manage to escape the seduction of the online job sites, you might discover that 80% of all people find jobs through networking (and it’s likely the percentage is higher for knowledge workers).

In the late 1960s, Mark Granovetter, a PhD student at Harvard, decided to try to figure out how people find jobs. His research confirmed what we already know – that most people find jobs through networking (Granovetter’s research and the research of others he cites put the percentage between 60% and 90%). Interestingly, not only did most people find jobs through networking, but networking led to the highest-quality jobs, the most satisfying jobs, and the jobs in which people stayed the longest.

Targeted networking 5 steps:
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Speaker Summary: “How to Get the Job in the Interview” on June 15!

June 14, 2015

Start with Getting The Interview: There is a lot of competition in the workplace so you have to find a way to stand out…now, I don’t mean becoming obnoxious, but DO be creative You can email AND snail mail your resume. Put your photo on your resume – Napoleon Hill Have a five bullet point […]

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Speaker Summary: Rediscovering Your Story by Mark Sherman on Monday, 6/8!

June 3, 2015

http://www.slideshare.net/careerrevival Job transitions offer a unique opportunity to reflect and rediscover your purpose and passions. Learn how the power of storytelling can help you improve your communications and land that next opportunity that will add to your story.  

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Recruiter & Are your interviews getting you the job? on June 1!

May 28, 2015

Want to explore new career possibilities? Need to gain confidence in your job search? Design and Focus Workshop for four Monday mornings from 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. starting June 8! COST – Early bird registration is now through June 1st $99 + $99 donation now or when you get a job. Regular (after June 1st ): […]

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Speaker Summary: 25 Online Networking Tips by Elizabeth Quintanilla on May 18!

May 12, 2015

Elizabeth Quintanilla is the Chief Marketing Gunslinger at EQ Consultants Group. She is a people-oriented, performance-driven collaborator, consultant, and speaker with a focus on understanding the customer perspective. Elizabeth spoke to the Job Seekers Network on May 18, sharing her 25 Online Networking Tips to Ensure Job Search and Career Success. Help yourself by helping others. […]

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