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Coping Effectively with Career Transitions
Make an inventory of some proactive coping skills. Develop your resources to stay positive and to keep moving forward with your job search plans: self-analysis, outside help, continued practice.

1. Scan your “job search environment.” E.g., challenges to overcome, resources available, opportunities in market. Your goal is to plan ahead to increase probability of success.
2. Identify the challenges in your environment that you do have control over and those you don’t have control over.
a. Differentiate between what you are in control of and what you feel you are in control of.
b. Let go of what you are not in control of. Use coping skills.
3. Identify the people you know who can help you meet the challenges in your job search, especially people you haven’t already tapped.
a. Make sure you offer help as much as you ask for help.
4. Maintain proper perspective on your situation.
a. Keep your eye on the big picture. Use self-talk to remind yourself it’s not about immediate circumstances.
b. Don’t obsess with the past. Keep your eye on the future. Make goals and take action to maintain forward momentum.
5. Guard against “Killer Bs” or beliefs.
a. Negative beliefs add to your stress level, even if they’re true. Avoid statements with “should” or “should have.” E.g., he should have offered me the job.
b. Identify what Killer Bs you most often tell yourself; then dispel them with positive truths.
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