Each Monday about 100 job seekers gather for job search training, networking and encouragement. We meet from 9:00-11:30 am. First timer? Please read this and plan to arrive by 8:40 am.

Overcoming Obstacles

1. Thinking Right – Recognizing the lies vs the truth

2. Taking responsibility for your situation (boundaries)

3. Facing your problems developing a plan

4. Incorporating accountability

Paul Barger has a lifetime of experience helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives as they apply timeless biblical truths to the challenges of living in a decadent culture that demands far more than one can give for a return far less than one should settle for – which is a life of significance, passion, sacrifice and ultimate fulfillment.

Specialties:Understanding the principles and life application of scriptures. Writing, speaking and coaching to help people find success and significance in their personal and professional lives.

Paul works at Cru Austin http://www.austincru.com

Why is networking important!
70% of jobs are now found through networking
Up to 80% of jobs are not listed or advertised.

Why do we really network? We want something
What is wrong with this approach? Fear Anxiety Disappointment

Myth 1
Networking is all about me.

Myth 2
I need to make sure the other person knows everything about me as fast as possible in case I don’t get another chance.

Myth 3
Everyone cares what I have to say Everyone wants to hear my opinion
I am the best in the field so everyone wants to hear from me
I have the most experience so I am the most qualified for the job

What is the purpose of networking?
Be thought of as likeable.
Meet someone you can contact later on a favorable basis.
Make yourself referable.
Create a situation where you will be invited to speak.
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Speaker Summary: Networking: How to Get the Interview and Interviewing: How to Win The Job on 8/17

August 12, 2015

Write up coming soon! Jim and Peter Klauck -Our first father/ son team to speak at Job Seekers Network. Peter will be speaking on Networking: How to Get the Interview. Jim will be speaking on Interviewing: How to Win The Job. Jim has worked for 7 Fortune 500 companies and became an Executive Search Consultant […]

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Speaker Summary: “Puzzled? Pursue Passion, Purpose and Potential” by Craig Foster on 8/10

July 27, 2015

Everyone has a desire to see where we fit into the bigger puzzle picture or the bigger story.  My favorite stories are the big epic stories – a tale of how one person with a lofty vision pursues an audacious goal and achieves it. It resonates within our hearts. We are drawn to unlikely heroes like […]

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Speaker Summary: Stop Wasting Handshakes: Developing a Process for Building Effective, Meaningful Connections presented by Danny L Smith on 8/3

July 22, 2015

 Effective networking is not merely meeting, greeting, shaking a few hands and collecting business cards. The purpose of networking is not only to engage with others, but to remain engaged. It takes time and is more effective by developing a specific process. In his book, “Waking the Dead,” John Eldredge referenced a term used in […]

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Speaker Summary: Achieving Maximum Value, and Why It’s Worth It by Cash Matthews on July 20

July 17, 2015

Cash Matthews, founder of The Solomon Group and author of the personal finance guide Money University, spoke to Job Seekers Network about Achieving Maximum Value, and Why It’s Worth It. In 1980, Cash was working as a waiter in a restaurant when a customer told him he should get into finance. Finance wasn’t an industry […]

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